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What is the Colorado Family Support Registry? (FSR)

The Colorado Family Support Registry (FSR) is a free service that provides information about child support as well as access to a system that allows for the payment and enforcement of child support orders. The Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSE) can work with you to...

What Is a Motion to Restrict Parenting Time?

  A motion to restrict parenting time brought under C.R.S. § 14-10-129 is an emergency motion asking the court to prohibit all unsupervised parenting time with the children by the other parent for 14 days. This is an extreme child custody measure and should not be...

What is a Legal Separation vs. a Divorce?

A legal separation is a court case where you and your spouse go through all of the same processes as a divorce without the granting of an actual divorce decree. Because the two processes are so similar, you may be wondering why someone would choose one over the other....

Annulments in Colorado (What, How, and When)

Annulments are different from divorces and in Colorado they are recognized. Read on to get all of your answers about the similarities, differences, and things you need to know about annulments. What is an annulment? In short, an annulment is defined as a legal order...

Colorado is a No-Fault Divorce State (And Why it Matters)

What is a no-fault divorce? Divorces in Colorado are “no-fault” divorces and Colorado is a “no-fault” divorce state. Simply put, this means that you can get divorced at any time and for any reason. Colorado has been a no-fault divorce state since the 1970s.   ...