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Emancipation Age for Child Support (19 not 18)

The age of legal emancipation in Colorado is 18. However, for purposes of child support, a child is emancipated at age 19. However, there are many reasons that could cause a child not to emancipate at the age of 19. The reasons include: When the parents agree that the...

Basic Information, Definitions, & FAQ

  What is a “dissolution” of marriage? Under Colorado law, courts refer to a “divorce” as a “dissolution” of marriage. The set of laws that govern a divorce can be found in Title 14, Article 10, which is referred to as the “Uniform...

Parenting Classes

If you are getting divorced, legally separated, or petitioning a court to allocate parental responsibilities and have minor children, Colorado courts will require that you attend a mandatory parenting class and obtain a certificate. Both parents (and sometimes the...

Ultimate Guide to Child Custody in Colorado

I think anyone would agree that child custody and parenting time is the single most important issue to anyone going through a divorce or custody dispute. Because it is so important, you can bet that there is a lot of information on the topic, some of it good, some of...

Ultimate Guide to Child Support in Colorado

Next to custody, you would likely agree that child support is the most important issue to anyone going through a divorce or custody dispute. Although child support is supposed to be easy to calculate and simple to understand, it is often more complex than a simple...