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The path to law started early for Carolyn Witkus. As a 6-year-old she proudly declared to her family that when she grew up, she was going to be a lawyer. Her journey took her across the country and nearly into a career in economics, but she eventually fulfilled that childhood proclamation, ascending from temporary law clerk to one of the top lawyers and professionals in Colorado.

Witkus has won multiple awards, including being selected as one of ColoradoBiz’s Gen XYZ Top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals, a Colorado Super Lawyer “Rising Star” and a recipient of the CWBA Raising the Bar award. She excels in high conflict and complex asset cases, leveraging her quantitative background to help her navigate through highly complex issues to find the best options for her clients. “My passion is solving complicated problems,” noted Witkus. “I love being able to break down the issues and come up with the big picture answer that my clients need.”

Witkus’ most recent accolade, her selection to the Denver Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class for 2019, highlights not only her excellence in the courtroom, but also her outstanding contributions to the local community. Witkus recently helped launch the Enterprising Women’s Giving Circle (EWGC) with Bayaud Enterprises, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with barriers to employment get back to being economically independent. “With the EWGC we’re able to take the great work that Bayaud Enterprises is doing and focus it on women,” explained Witkus. “We raise the money, find the participants, and provide mentoring and support for all of our participants. It’s an amazing group of women and work that I really love.”

Over the years Witkus has established herself as an expert in a variety of areas. She published “Relocation Issues in Family Law” Chapter 6 in the Practitioner’s Guide to Colorado Domestic Relations Law, earning a reputation as an authority on relocation issues. “It’s a complicated problem, but it’s also something that is close to my heart,” said Witkus. “I don’t believe that relocation is the end of the world for a family and I don’t believe that one or the other parent is going to lose their relationship with the child necessarily, because I went through it. My parents have not lived in the same state since I was about 10 years old and we still have a great relationship.”

Witkus has also published multiple articles on legal issues surrounding the marijuana industry in publications such as The Denver Post, Law Week, and the Christian Science Monitor. “The marijuana industry is a fascinating area,” noted Witkus. “The cases deal with a host of regulatory issues, valuation issues and audit risk that don’t exist with your typical corporation. It’s exactly the type of complicated problem with a lot of noise that I love to solve.”

This broad range of expertise has led to a wide variety of cases, but no matter how diverse or complex the case may be, Witkus sees a common thread that truly drives her passion for her work. “For someone going through any type of family law matter, the process can be difficult to understand and a bit scary,” she concluded. “To be able to provide support during that process can make all the difference, and there is something deeply rewarding about seeing them come out on the other side”


Carolyn Witkus is a shareholder of Griffiths Law PC excelling in high conflict and complex asset cases. These include dissipation and separate property claims, as well as trust and oil and gas issues, which she often co-counsels with Suzanne Griffiths.