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Types of Parenting Plans

Every family is different. While courts tend to favor equal parenting plans, because that is inarguably “fair”, equal parenting time doesn’t work for everyone. It can be impractical if one parent’s employment makes that difficult, and most mental health practitioners do not recommend long periods of time away from the primary parent for very young children. Having said that, every case is different, and the negative impact of being away from the primary parent is no longer measurable at four years of age. Be warned that if you want to use research as a way of minimizing the other parent because you have been the primary parent, courts are very aware that uncooperative parents can ruin the other parent’s relationship with a child, which can have long-lasting negative effects on the child. If you are seen as a “gatekeeper” then you can pretty much guarantee a court is going to be very hesitant to order anything but equal parenting time.

There is a lot of incentive to find ways to parent that bring out the best in both parents and give your children the best possible relationship with you both.

Talking Parents – Communication for Coparents

An effective free tool for communication between co-parents aimed at minimizing conflict during and after divorce.


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