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Going through a divorce is undeniably one of the toughest experiences adults and children experience in their lifetime. Frequently, the mental health of one or both parties is the reason for the divorce. A decline in mental health can manifest in many ways, such as excessive drinking or drug use, obsessive-compulsive or controlling behavior, and emotional or physical abuse. Taking care of the mental health of yourself and your children during this time is essential in getting through the divorce process.

Now, divorcing families must navigate additional stress that is a result of the emerging COVID 19 health crisis. Social distancing measures and business and school closures have led to greater isolation and potential financial distress, such as job loss. National reports indicate an increase in symptoms of anxiety and depression and an increase in drug and alcohol abuse.

Mental health practitioners everywhere have responded to this crisis by offering mental health services via video, often called “tele” health services. All that is needed is a computer or phone with real-time video. These counseling services provide the user with increased access to mental health resources because they can be conducted without leaving their home. Therapists can attend telehealth counseling sessions and provide therapeutic services to address most mental health issues often encountered by parents and children going through the divorce process. The therapists below offer services to children, teens, adults, and families who need assistance navigating through the divorce process. These treatment providers have experience working with families troubled by trauma, stress, change, co-parenting problems, and court interventions.


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So, if you find yourself in need of a therapist or a child therapist, we’ve solicited from those therapists we know best, a list of people who are available to provide therapy online*.

*This list will be updated as necessary.

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