Sheila Gutterman, a Two-Time DBA Award Recipient

Sheila Gutterman is a two-time DBA Award recipient for the Award of Merit 2017 and the Volunteer of the Year Award in 1994. As recognition of her numerous achievements in the legal field and the administration of justice, Sheila received the Denver Bar Association’s Award of Merit, the highest recognition given by the Denver Bar. Sheila is known in the Denver community as an outstanding leader, dedicated to resolution of family disputes and giving back to the community. Sheila has practiced for 30 years and helping clients through the difficult transition of divorce is her passion.



Charles: And Sheila, why would you say it’s important to nominate your peers and colleagues for a DBA Award?

Sheila G.: Well, Charles, you know, nobody does what they do for any organization, uh, for an award. But it’s so important that we, as lawyers, give back to the community in whatever capacity. And by joining an organization like the Denver Bar Association, which was my first love out of law school and continues to very high on my list, by joining that kind of organization, you meet other lawyers, not in your field who all have a passion to make changes, give back, and do something outside of the field, uh, which is helpful. And I think when you nominate outstanding persons who you see to give a lot of themselves to the community or to the organization, you’re encouraging them and you’re also recognizing them as role models for others to follow.

Sheila G.: And so, receiving an award, receiving that award of merit from the DBA was one of the highlights of my life. Receiving the award just fills your heart and fulfills what I think is your responsibility as a lawyer and a leader in the community.

Charles: Thank you so much.