Court Resources & Links

Colorado State Judicial Branch

Contact information for the courts of each district in the State of Colorado.


Colorado State Judicial Branch – Family Law Forms

A collection of court-approved templates and forms for all documents essential to your case.


Child Support Guidelines

A helpful tool to calculate child support based upon Colorado’s presumptive guidelines.


Colorado Child Support Enforcement

Department of Human Services dedicated to ensuring that children receive support from each parent.


Colorado Family Support Registry

Combined collection and disbursement unit for child support and maintenance.


Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution

Collection of state-appointed mediators, complete with contact information for approved mediators in each county.


Mediation Preparation

Helpful information to understand prior to attending mediation.


Colorado Parenting Seminar Providers by County

If you are going through a divorce and have children, you will be ordered to attend a parenting class. This list shows accepted parenting classes for each county.