Parenting Classes

If you are getting divorced, legally separated, or petitioning a court to allocate parental responsibilities and have minor children, Colorado courts will require that you attend a mandatory parenting class and obtain a certificate.

Both parents (and sometimes the children also) must attend a four-hour class on divorce and its impact on parenting. These classes are mandatory even if the parents agree on parenting issues and even if the children are almost emancipated. The classes can be very useful in driving home how damaging ongoing conflict is on children and can provide information about what behavior to expect from your children and how best to help them through the divorce process.

Take a look at the resources below to answer any of your questions about parenting classes. This information is helpful for anyone getting divorced in Colorado, particularly in and around Denver.



  • The Center for Divorce Education –
    “Children in between Online” is available online 24/7. 
    The course is accepted in Douglas County. 


  • A.C.T. –
    Online classes but check with your county as online classes not approved in Douglas, Denver or Elbert counties.



  • In the Best Interest of the Children –
    Classes throughout Denver Metro Area.


  • New Beginnings –
    Co-Parenting Classes primarily in South East Denver and Aurora. Offers both Level I and II classes.