What is the Colorado Family Support Registry? (FSR)

The Colorado Family Support Registry (FSR) is a free service that provides information about child support as well as access to a system that allows for the payment and enforcement of child support orders. The Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSE) can work with you to help obtain the enforcement of unpaid child support. The registry is free and easy to use so you should definitely consider using the system.


  • Both parents log into the system and obtain information about payments and have access to support payments.
  • When you go to court, you can introduce evidence of payment (or non-payment) using the payment history from the family support registry. See C.R.S. § 14-14-104(9) (“A copy of the computer printout…shall be admissible into evidence as proof of such payments in any proceeding to establish child support….”).
  • The FSR acts as a middle person between the two spouses. This means that you do not need to have contact with your ex if you do not want to, which in some cases, may be necessary due to domestic violence or other high-conflict scenarios.
  • Customer service is available to you when a mistake is made or you are confused.


You should identify the child support services near you and go to their website for more information as many of Colorado’s counties have their own websites such as Douglas County, Jefferson County, and Arapahoe County. (For more frequently asked questions, take a look at the FSR/CSE website here.)

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