Mediating a Divorce (Tips & Information)

A mediator is a person hired to assist you and your spouse in reaching agreements. Mediators do not make decisions for you nor should they side with one spouse or the other. A mediator also does not guarantee that an agreement is fair. The state provides mediators at a lower rate than that charged by most private mediators (but often state mediators are busier and harder to get into quickly).

Mediators range from attorneys with minor training, to professional mediators with years of training. They can offer structured settlement negotiations (typically held in separate rooms) to facilitate communication, where the parties are in one room and emphasis is placed on ensuring that everyone is hearing what the other side is saying.

Your case and its individual disputes will dictate what mediator is the best choice for your particular circumstance. In addition to different mediation styles, there are mediators who specialize in certain types of financial situations or particular child issues. Choose wisely – investment in a good mediator can be a very wise expenditure of money.